Diorama Room, LLC was first imagined as a collaborative, immersive arts space featuring works by artists whose practice it is to explore a dialogue between the human and natural realms. Covid-19 rearranged everyone’s plans, but one thing that is being said often is that people are finding solace by slowing down and spending time outdoors. Therefore, the dream of a physical space has been on hold. Instead, from November 2020-December 2022, the organization hosted a series of nine quarterly microshort film exhibitions called Tune in to Green. Entries were from around the world and featured experimental, animated, and documentary genres. No entry fee was charged to participants and every film and maker was promoted as an artist highlight on the Diorama Room Arts Instagram page and Diorama Room, LLC Facebook page. Several artist chats took place during the two years that Tune in to Green was active. The exhibitions were available for rent on Vimeo On Demand for $7 USD, and three live screenings took place in Austin, Texas, USA.

To get more info and watch trailers for previous shows, visit our past exhibitions page and blog.

*Call for entries to Tune in to Green is currently paused.

New Diorama Room programming will be announced in the spring of 2024.*


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