Diorama Room, LLC was first imagined as a collaborative, immersive arts space featuring works by artists whose practice is to explore a dialogue between the human and natural realms. Covid-19 rearranged everyone’s plans, but one thing that is being said often is that people are finding solace by slowing down and spending time outdoors. Therefore, our dream of a physical space is on hold, but for the first two years hosted a series of quarterly short film exhibitions called Tune in to GreenTo watch trailers and get more info about those shows, visit our past exhibitions page and blog.

*Call for entries is paused until late summer 2023.

Diorama Room, LLC

was accepting films that are

focused on a dialogue between humans and nature,

and are a maximum of 5 minutes,

for its next online exhibition in the

Tune in to Green short film series.

Experimental, animation, and documentary – all welcome.


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Submission Information

Submission Details:

Filmmaker Qualifications: The purpose of these online exhibitions is to provide an outlet for a wide range of experience levels. Professional, semi-pro, and novice video makers are welcome to submit their works.

All contributors to the project must be of legal adult age in their place of residence before submitting their film. Otherwise, parental permission will be considered if the parent emails us to discuss and if the parent completes the submission form.


Fees: In lieu of a submission fee, to help cover operating costs of the series, we do ask that accepted videomakers who choose to watch the exhibition, pay the 72-hour streaming rental price of USD $7 through Vimeo.com/ondemand/tuneintogreenIf viewers are paying in a currency other than USD, the equivalent to the above pricing will be displayed in their local currency including, VAT or GST, where those taxes are collected. Unfortunately, Vimeo does not accept currency from every country, so please keep this in mind when deciding whether or not you want to submit a film. To see the list of currencies accepted at this time, visit the Vimeo How to rent & buy webpageThese fee structures are subject to change in the future. 

Our goal is to include a diverse, international body of work and audience. However, due to complicated tax and accounting requirements, we are not able to pay filmmakers a stipend or a portion of the Vimeo-on-Demand Tune in to Green streaming or downloading fees at this time.


Ownership Rights:

Diorama Room, LLC will not claim ownership or copyright of any submissions. The filmmaker(s) will retain ownership of their film at all times.

By submitting a video to Tune in to Green you, the filmmaker(s), grant Diorama Room, LLC a perpetual, non-exclusive, royalty-free, worldwide license to offer your film as part of the Tune in to Green series for three calendar months at https://vimeo.com/ondemand/tuneintogreen and possibly one live screening for an audience during those same three months.

In addition, you, the filmmaker(s), grant Diorama Room, LLC a perpetual, non-exclusive, royalty-free, worldwide license to use all makers’ names associated with the film; their country of residence; still images captured from your video; and/or a 3-10 second clip captured from your video to be used in a trailer and for artist highlights on social media; and descriptions of your project, for promoting your work and the series before and after the exhibition is shown.


Run times and deadline:

We are accepting videos up to five minutes long, including credits.

It is uncertain what each show’s run time will be, but the goal is 45-90 minutes. It is dependent on the submissions chosen before the deadline. If there is not at least 45-minutes of material before that date, the deadline will be extended.

The deadline to enter your film for Name of next exhibition is date at 11:59 PM U.S. Central Standard Time. For this show, which will run from approximately start date-end date we are especially interested in films depicting the autumnal season, with a somber tone, are strange, and that open up minds to new ways of thinking of the human relationship to the rest of nature. Themes such as ancestral memory, death, and decay, or similar will be considered.


Availability to the public:

Again, the date that each exhibition is available to the public for streaming depends on when we receive enough suitable submissions. The target launch date for Name of next exhibition is date. Once the show has launched, all accepted entrants will be informed by email. An announcement will also be posted on our website and social media pages on Instagram @DioramaRoomArts and on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/dioramaroom.natureart



Technical Details:

Novice video makers, feel free to contact us with any technical questions.


Mediums: The type of camera filmed with can include SLR, digital video, or cell phone camera set to Full HD, shot at 1920×1080. No footage shot in 4K or higher please. It can also include hand drawn, mixed media, or digitally created imagery.


Pro tip! Orientation: Please do not send vertically shot video unless the subject matter absolutely warrants it.

Pro tip! If you must handhold your camera vs. using a tripod, tuck your elbows in and hold your breath to try to avoid shaky footage.


Frame size: 1920 x 1080, 16:9 aspect ratio, square pixels

Frame Rate: 23.976 fps

Bit Rate: 10-20 Mbps


File Format & Compression:

Your film will look the best on our page if it is a Vimeo HDV mp4 container with H.264 compression. Again, sorry, but no footage shot in 4K or higher.


Language requirements:

If there is monologue or dialogue in a language other than English, please include subtitles.

If the credits and context information are in a language other than English, please include an English translation.


Title & Credits: To avoid confusion, titles and credits of everyone’s films should be consistent.

Before the film include:

  1. the title of your film
  2. the primary film maker(s) name(s)  
  3. the month and year the film was completed
  4. the geographic city and country it was filmed in

After the film include:

  1. the names of all people involved with making the film + their roles

Closing: At the end of the entire compilation of films, credits will roll with a short bio of each artist, including portfolio URL and Instagram tag.


Consent, Clearance, and Release Forms: These legal documents must be in order before filming. You will likely not need one if there are no crew members other than yourself; no clearly identified private property; no talent (including extras or children); and no soundtrack, still, or moving images created by a third-party in your film. If you are uncertain if you need one, consult a legal entity knowledgeable in entertainment law.


How to show us your video: You will need to have your film online from a downloadable, reputable source, such as YouTube or Vimeo. We recommend making at least one upload of the film set to private. This will allow you to set a password for viewing and downloading one copy of the film, while allowing you to have a public copy of the film that is not downloadable. If you prefer to wait to allow downloading until you learn if your film becomes an official selection, we will request you to adjust the settings at that time.


Content: Films that contain hate speech, threats, violence, attempts to incite violence, pornography, nudity, alcohol or drug use, or profanity will not be accepted. Because you will be agreeing to this in the submission form terms and conditions, if you submit a film that does not abide by these guidelines, you will be blocked from entry into the series indefinitely.



All accepted entrants will receive an email by date, if it has been accepted. At that time, you will either be requested to give download permissions or to upload to Dropbox. 

All entrants that are not accepted, will receive a reply by date, stating either that it is being considered for a future exhibition, or that the video short cannot be accepted due to technical or other reasons. 

If your short is not selected for the current Tune in to Green compilation, it should not necessarily be assumed to be a rejection. The best curation may simply call for other videos be shown together instead.

***To avoid our email messages going to your spam folder, we recommend setting your email account to accept messages from info@dioramaroom.com


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