Diorama Room, LLC was first imagined as a collaborative, immersive arts space in Austin, Texas, featuring works by artists whose practice is to explore a dialogue between human and natural realms. It is inspired by the Milwaukee Public Museum of Natural History, where the first habitat diorama was built; the House on the Rock; Joseph Cornell; Andy Goldsworthy; Wes Anderson; the Enchanted Forest and Art Outside of Austin; and Meow Wolf. The goal is to have a physical space with a garden where artists working in various mediums can create organic, surreal, and educational environments.

For the time being we will exist online as a series of quarterly short film exhibitions called Tune in to Green. It is currently a not-for-profit organization, but might eventually find a fiscal sponsor or become a full fledged 501c3 non-profit. Even if we don’t, hopefully we will be able to pay stipends or other awards at some point. To follow on social media visit Instagram @dioramaroomarts or Facebook @dioramaroom.natureart

Diorama Room, LLC is the sister organization of Haiku Flash Studios. Both are operated by Stephanie Reid, an experienced artist of over 30 years. Reid has a Masters Degree in Creative Practice with a Concentration in Experimental Video. She also studied photography, filmmaking, video, and design in undergrad. Her professional experience has been as a freelancer, arts instructor, curator, and practicing artist who has exhibited worldwide.

Humans have a symbiotic relationship with nature because we are part of nature. Now more than ever in our lifetimes, we are seeing the ill effects of our unharmonious disregard for the planet as a living, breathing entity. Our hope is that by offering an outlet for entrants and viewers to become more engaged with the natural world, each will develop a deeper understanding of the non-human-beings living around us. The more connected we are to our surroundings, the more we recognize that making personal changes in an effort to improve the well-being of others, improves our well-being too. We can all think of at least one way to lessen our footprint and become a step closer to creating balance between the realms of society/the manmade and the elemental/organic. Let this be a space where we interweave the surprises of what we do not control, with our own individual mark as artists.