Past Exhibitions

Tune in to Green – Exhibition Three ran from May 22, 2021-August 20, 2021

It featured short films by artists and others, working in dialogue with nature including: Rachel Wagner – Columbus, Ohio; Jérémy Griffaud – Nice, France; Jay Roff-Garcia Venezuela & Austin, Texas; Anne-Katrin Speiss of New York, filming in Utah; Heidi Landau & Becky Mendizabal of Austin, filming in Utah; Stephanie Reid of Austin, filming in Bastrop; Jane Mast filming in Florida; Barbara and Dallas Rychener of Ohio filming in South Carolina; Lizzie Palumbo – Jeju Island, Republic of Korea; Asher Mains – Grenada, West Indies; Todd Rychener – Austin; gwen charles – New Jersey; Anne Sophie Lorange – Norway; Dave Fields – Alaska; Roberto Turani of Milan filming in Tuscany and Lombardy; Florian Maricourt – France; Anna Bierler – Amsterdam; Elly Cho of New York and Seoul, filming in Thailand; Tina Šulc Resnik – Ljubljana, Slovenia; Wilson Kuzhur – Kerala, India; Salvatore Insana & Elisa Turco Liveri of Rome, filming in Cessalto; Deborah S. Phillips – Berlin; Emilie and Ralphe Crewe – Vancouver; Melissa Lockwood – Yavapai, Arizona; Maximilien Proctor – Berlin; gibberish – Los Angeles; Anna Berendsen – Rotterdam, The Netherlands; Laura Gillis – Toronto


A sampling of the 80-minute showcase can be seen below:




Tune in to Green – Exhibition Two ran from February 23, 2021-May 21, 2021

It featured short films by 19 artists working in dialogue with nature including: Jan Adamove filming in Slovakia and Croatia; Rachel Glasser – Austin, Texas, Stephanie Reid – Austin, TX; Brooke Gassiot & Kate Csillagi – Austin, TX; Dane Rougeau – Austin, Texas; Mélissa Faivre of France and Berlin, filming in Haarlem, Netherlands; Mateo Vargas of Mexico and the U.S., filming in Costa Rica; Tamara Maksimović – Bosnia and Herzegovina; Manuel Rossi – Argentina; Dario Ricciardi – Argentina; Jodi Zellen – Los Angeles; Orsolya Gal – Romania; Linda Duvall filming in Treaty 6 Lands (Canada); gwen charles – New Jersey; Enrique Cabrera filming in Seattle; Muriel Montini – Paris; Calypso Debrot – France; Daniel Lofgren – New York.


A sampling of the 60-minute showcase can be seen below:




Tune in to Green – Exhibition One ran from November 19, 2020 – February 19, 2020

It featured short films by Stephanie Reid – Austin, TX; Todd Rychener – Austin, TX; Fumihito Sugawara – Austin, Texas; Kathryn Alvarez – Vancouver Island, Canada; Beauty Baco – Queens, New York; Claudine Metrick – Upstate New York; Jane Sanders – Santa Fe, New Mexico; and Jesse St. Louis & Samantha Andress of Los Angeles, filming in New Zealand. All works were created during the COVID-19 pandemic.


A sampling of the 24-minute showcase, can be seen below: