Past Exhibitions

Tune in to GreenMinor Chord exhibition ran from October 20-November 19, 2021, with the following premise:

This time of year harkens powerful ancestral memories.
A more serious tone rules the days.
Motifs of death and decay are commonplace.
We are reminded that our flesh is not immortal,
but the damage we do may be.
Instead, let us leave sweet memories of ourselves
for future generations through serious commitment
to the planet and each other,
by contemplating and taking action,
despite the uncomfortable changes required.

It contained video, animation, and sound by Julie Macara – UK; Alana Bartol – Crowsnest Pass, Alberta, Canada; Jenna Turner – Edmonton, Canada; Kent Tate – Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada; Can Bilir – Ankara, Turkey; Chana de Moura – Brazil / Berlin / Portugal; Maureen Hearty & Gregory Hill – Joes, Colorado, USA; Lígia Teixera & Francisco Benvenuto – Curitiba, Brazil; Adriana López Garibay – Bosques del Lago, MX / Madrid, Spain; Masha Vlasova – Spartanburg, South Carolina, USA; Miles Sprietsma & Jordan Barron – Portland, Oregon, USA; Paulius Šliaupa & Elia Claessen – Lithuania / Belgium; Pierre Leichner – North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada; Bett Butler & Joël Dilley – San Antonio, TX, USA; Katina Bitsicas – Columbia, Missouri, USA; Felicity White, Ryan Bain, & Theo Le Derf – Glasgow, Scotland; Borja Santomé Rodríguez – Vigo, Spain / Paris, France; Enrique Cabrera, Stephanie Reid, & Laura Rios Ramirez – Seattle, Washington, Austin and San Antonio, Texas, USA; Ann-Marie LeQuesne – USA / UK / Norway

A sampling of the 1-hour, 50-minute showcase can be seen below:




Tune in to Green – Exhibition Four ran from August 21, 2021-November 19, 2021

This show focused on the warmth and flow of Summer and early Fall through water, dance, and color and included short films, artist statements, and bios from: Daniela Zahlner – Vienna, Austria; Victória Okubo & Gustavo Maan – São Paulo, Brazil; Eva Claus – Belgium; Max Schleser & Martin Koszolko – Melbourne, Australia; Jil Guyon & Chris Becker – New York City; Sandra Dyas & Catherine Pancake – Iowa;  Zoran Dragelj – Vancouver, Canada; Enrique Cabrera – Seattle, Washington; Stephanie Reid & Todd Rychener – Austin, Texas; Erika Yeomans – New York City; Alexandra Constantinou – Houston, Texas; Karim Ghonima – Houston, Texas; Deb Todd Wheeler – Boston, Massachusetts; Szabina Péter & Kristóf János Bodnár – Hungary; Lígia Teixeira – Paraná, Brazil; Joanna Decc – Tkoronto, Canada; and Mary Trunk – Altadena, California

A sampling of the 80-minute showcase can be seen below:





Tune in to Green – Exhibition Three ran from May 22, 2021-August 20, 2021

It featured short films by artists and others, working in dialogue with nature including: Rachel Wagner – Columbus, Ohio; Jérémy Griffaud – Nice, France; Jay Roff-Garcia Venezuela & Austin, Texas; Anne-Katrin Speiss of New York, filming in Utah; Heidi Landau & Becky Mendizabal of Austin, filming in Utah; Stephanie Reid of Austin, filming in Bastrop; Jane Mast filming in Florida; Barbara and Dallas Rychener of Ohio filming in South Carolina; Lizzie Palumbo – Jeju Island, Republic of Korea; Asher Mains – Grenada, West Indies; Todd Rychener – Austin; gwen charles – New Jersey; Anne Sophie Lorange – Norway; Dave Fields – Alaska; Roberto Turani of Milan filming in Tuscany and Lombardy; Florian Maricourt – France; Anna Bierler – Amsterdam; Elly Cho of New York and Seoul, filming in Thailand; Tina Šulc Resnik – Ljubljana, Slovenia; Wilson Kuzhur – Kerala, India; Salvatore Insana & Elisa Turco Liveri of Rome, filming in Cessalto; Deborah S. Phillips – Berlin; Emilie and Ralphe Crewe – Vancouver; Melissa Lockwood – Yavapai, Arizona; Maximilien Proctor – Berlin; gibberish – Los Angeles; Anna Berendsen – Rotterdam, The Netherlands; Laura Gillis – Toronto

A sampling of the 80-minute showcase can be seen below:




Tune in to Green – Exhibition Two ran from February 23, 2021-May 21, 2021

It featured short films by 19 artists working in dialogue with nature including: Jan Adamove filming in Slovakia and Croatia; Rachel Glasser – Austin, Texas, Stephanie Reid – Austin, TX; Brooke Gassiot & Kate Csillagi – Austin, TX; Dane Rougeau – Austin, Texas; Mélissa Faivre of France and Berlin, filming in Haarlem, Netherlands; Mateo Vargas of Mexico and the U.S., filming in Costa Rica; Tamara Maksimović – Bosnia and Herzegovina; Manuel Rossi – Argentina; Dario Ricciardi – Argentina; Jody Zellen – Los Angeles; Orsolya Gal – Romania; Linda Duvall filming in Treaty 6 Lands (Canada); gwen charles – New Jersey; Enrique Cabrera filming in Seattle; Muriel Montini – Paris; Calypso Debrot – France; Daniel Lofgren – New York.

A sampling of the 60-minute showcase can be seen below:




Tune in to Green – Exhibition One ran from November 19, 2020 – February 19, 2020

It featured short films by Stephanie Reid – Austin, TX; Todd Rychener – Austin, TX; Fumihito Sugawara – Austin, Texas; Kathryn Alvarez – Vancouver Island, Canada; Beauty Baco – Queens, New York; Claudine Metrick – Upstate New York; Jane Sanders – Santa Fe, New Mexico; and Jesse St. Louis & Samantha Andress of Los Angeles, filming in New Zealand. All works were created during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A sampling of the 24-minute showcase, can be seen below: